detox programs

A long string of winter celebrations always ends, and the long-awaited spring comes in no time. For many people, it is the period, when they start things over. Both are a good reason to take up the rehabilitation and recovery of the organism, which is overloaded after the holidays.

Detox programs for a week or for a few days are designed to help you:

  • quickly get in shape,
  • prepare the body for a diet
  • get the lion’s share of vitamins and minerals

Important rules for any detox program is the abstinence from:

  • alcohol,
  • coffee,
  • carbonated beverages,
  • salty, sweet and savory products.

Remember that the main task of detox program diet is to hold a “spring cleaning” in the body, remove toxins and speed up metabolism. Weight reduction is just an added bonus of a properly chosen and carried out detox program.

All of the diets presented are designed for 3-5 days, and you should avoid abusing them, despite the rapid and encouraging results.

1. “Green” Detox

Most people associate detox namely with green color, and for a good reason: with a few exceptions (e.g. avocado) green products contain a minimum amount of calories, but are rich in natural vitamins and minerals. That is why most nutritionists advise namely this detoxification way.

  1. Breakfast – 100 grams of fat-free cottage cheese, a cup of yogurt and two green apples
  2. Lunch – any light vegetable soup, fresh cabbage and cucumber salad
  3. An hour later – any fruit (guess what color!)
  4. Dinner – steamed meat or fish, leaf vegetables salad
  5. Avoid eating fruit (even green) after 6 P.M., since they are digested slowly

This mild detox diet plan will be just perfect for those, who do not aim to quickly lose weight, but just want to feel “better”.

2. Citrus Detox

Everyone knows that citrus fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. It turns out that your favorite childhood fruit may not only replace a dessert and rise your spirits, but also help to effectively lose weight.

Here is the approximate citrus detox program menu to help lose up to three kilograms in three days:

  1. Breakfast- a quarter of a grapefruit, half an apple and green tea
  2. Second breakfast – salad of fruits and vegetables (cabbage, pumpkin, carrot, apple, a teaspoon of olive oil)
  3. Lunch – 100 grams of steamed brown rice, a piece of chicken breast without the skin
  4. Snack – quarter of a grapefruit, half a banana, kiwi
  5. Dinner (yes, you have dinner, as well!) – 300 ml of yogurt

3. Apple Detox

Cleanse and lose extra weight is easy and pleasant with apples. A classic fasting day on apples consists of two components: apples of non-sweet variety and flat water.

The result will not take long.

  1. You have to eat two kilograms of apples and divide them into six equal parts.
  2. After each meal, consisting of apples, drink one glass of water or green tea.

4. Juice Detox

Fashion for juicing came to us from the western top models. Girls on the covers recommended drinking 300 ml of juice for each of the three main meals (i.e., liquid), and in between – to drink room temperature water. Fresh grapefruit, orange, cucumber and celery juice will suit the detox experiment best of all.

Yet, you should not abuse juicing. Stick to it for a maximum of three days. You should also exit the detox program correctly. In the first day after the detox:

  1. do not eat junk food
  2. do not overload the body after 6 P.M.

5. Rice Detox

Why do we love rice so much? Of course, for its ability to rid the body of excessive salts, while providing satiety with a small amount of calories. This is why rice detox program is not only considered one of the most effective, but also useful.

To keep the rice diet for three days:

  1. boil 400 grams of brown rice and divide it into five meals
  2. between the meals, drink plain still water and green tea without additives (no more than four cups).

Yes, the menu is not so varied, but you may be sure to get an excellent and safe detox program result.