lose weight with lunches

The experiment lasted two weeks, with breaks for the weekend. My family does not talk to me in the morning. Not that we did not have common topics, but I look more like an angry fury in the morning: I’m walking around the apartment, trying to do my hair and make-up.

For breakfast I have half a glass of water almost in the doorway. I don’t even think of having a proper breakfast, just like of throwing something into the container to take as my lunch in the office. As a result, my menu usually consists of what I find in the nearest store. Grilled chicken breast is the most frequent option, because the breast, as dieticians say, is quite a useful product.

At some point, I realized that I will soon begin to cackle, if I go on with such diet. At the same time, my weight began shifting gradually upwards. Of course, I was flavoring the boring chicken breast with sauces and buns. The time has come to change something in my life.

My job does not always allow going out to a business lunch in a cafe. If this business lunch was delivered to the office – that’s a different thing. If you take a closer look, you will probably find a multitude of companies that deliver food in your area. I found quite a lot of these and had no idea which one to choose.

As the winter holidays and celebrations were approaching, I realized that I desperately want to lose some kilograms, so I immediately excluded pizza’s and sushi rolls from the list of possible choices.

I found a company that offers three options for lunch:

  • Light– up to 700 calories
  • Medium– up to 900 calories
  • Hard– up to 1200 calories

For a fast weight loss with my size, I need to consume about 1200 calories a day. Considering the water for breakfast, a vegetable salad for dinner, I realized that the “light” option for the business lunch is just right for me.

So, the experiment began on November 7. They delivered:

  • salad,
  • soup,
  • main meal with a side dish.

On the first day, I was simply delighted: the lunch was delicious, nourishing, and I split the dinner into two parts, because I was incapable of eating it entirely at once.

By the third day, I wished there was more food. I desperately wanted something sweet.

However, the first week already showed that my chicken breast was simply a mockery of the body. A hot homemade dinner is a totally different thing. It is also great that it is different each time, and its caloric value is calculated. By the way, I did manage to get rid of one kilogram during this time.

In the second week, an ex-colleague came to visit the office and told me I looked as if I lost some weight. Her questions was “Admit it, cucumbers with yogurt again?” This colleague witnessed my numerous experiments with nutrition. As well as transformations from 85 kilograms to 75 per month. So, she definitely knows a lot about my slenderness.

It’s amazing that she noticed the changes I achieved during just a week. By the way, I lost one more kilo during these 7 days.


  • I lost two kilograms in two weeks.
  • Two days I ate fish, which I never cook at home.
  • I stopped having stomach aches.
  • I learned that there is a huge variety of creamy soup recipes.
  • I saved money for the ice cream for my husband, since my usual chicken breast with sauce and bun cost me a third more.
  • Did not have to do the dishes.


  • But this is my “light” option. Those who chose other options, did not complain.
  • I wanted sweets.Although, what weight loss diet does not make you want sweets?

In my opinion, the “office-diet” is worth trying before the winter celebrations or at any other, when you want to lose some weight and enjoy delicious and healthy lunch every day.