There are only a few weight-loss agents in Australia approved today by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The anti-obesity agents known as Metermine and Duromine are among the most popular and commonly used.

Cost of Metermine and Duromine is the most important factor that influences the choice between these anti-obesity agents. This factor becomes the main, when the efficacy of the pharmacological options for the treatment of overweight or obesity is identical.

Metermine package indicates that this medicine is the same as Duromine.

Therefore, the efficiency, and. most importantly, the safety of these weight-loss agents is unmistakably the same.

The anorectic drugs Metermine and Duromine contain the same active ingredient Phentermine and are used in similar indications, and namely for the treatment of:

  • Various obesity classes.
  • Overweight.

Size and color of hard gelatin capsules of Metermine and Duromine are the same. The only difference is the marking. Capsules contain several inactive ingredients. The list and the number inactive ingredients that the capsules contain is the same.

Duromine 30mgBoth anorectic drug are supplied to Australia by the same pharmaceutical company Inova. Nevertheless, the price of Metermine and Duromine capsules does differ.

If you buy anorectic drugs in one of the licensed Australian online pharmacies, you will be offered the following prices for 30 capsules of 30 mg strength:

  • Metermine – $ 105.99
  • Duromine – $ 109.50

Price difference is small, but it does exist. If you examine the price lists of other registered Australian pharmacies, the difference in cost between these drugs is about the same. Therefore, we can say that Metermine is cheaper than Duromine.

The brand name Duromine is better known than Metermine.

  • Perhaps, this is due to the fact that Duromine is available for sale not only in Australia. This product for weight loss is a very famous brand in such countries, as South Africa, the New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

The anti-obesity agent Metermine is sold only in Australia, and is not available in other countries. Nevertheless, Metermine is cheaper than Duromine and is same as effective and safe drug at the same time.