decided to lose weight

Having read thousands of reviews on the articles about weight loss, I was horrified. Poor women do all possible and impossible to get rid of extra kilos:

  • eat only vegetables,
  • drink only black coffee for breakfast,
  • go through “curing” fasting,
  • swallow handfuls of tablets.

And the results are often the same, and very sad…

“I lost weight in two weeks (in three days, in a month) 10 (5, 7, 12) kg, and now they are back and brought another 2 (4, 10) nasty kilos with them, help me, what should I do, etc.”

I have no medical education, but I want to share with all the women, how they can achieve a perfect body and, perhaps, a new life, as one of those rare lucky women, who managed to not only lose weight fast but also maintain weight and new beautiful shape without feeling neither deprived nor sick…

The story of my struggle for beauty, I think, is familiar to many of you:

  • I was discontent with a couple of curves at a young age,
  • a couple of years of regular and wide variety of “proven” diets,
  • result – not one, but ten extra kilos.

So, one day I decided to lose weight … forever.

The first thing did was throwing out all the women’s magazines and books, such as:

  • “how to lose weight and still eat at night”
  • “diet on chocolate”
  • “8 kg in three days”

And took up the study of materials written by experts, nutritionists and professors of medicine. It was the time of the big revelations.

Who Is “Yo-yo”?

Why all the lost kilos that required so much effort just stick back, once you stop starving yourself? The scheme is simple and ingenious:

  1. Roughly speaking, we are made up of muscle and fat;
  2. Muscles burn calories, fat remains for a rainy day.
  3. The less muscle, the fewer calories are burned, and the more fat deposits in all sorts of unsightly rolls.

It would seem that is you stop eating for a couple of days, your puzzled body will have nothing else to do but to use all its reserves, and we will continue to live happy and thin. But the fact is that when your body does not receive food at all, or get it in insufficient quantities, it doesn’t immediately use the emergency reserve.

girl weight loss4. It takes from the muscles sugar that it needs for all processes.
5. If we do not consume enough protein, our muscles literally melt away.

For example,

a) a woman, who burns 2000 kcal with her usual lifestyle, gets on a popular weight loss diet;
b) due to an unbalanced diet, her muscle mass slightly decreased, and now she burns only 1200 kcal a day;
c) she is happy that she lost a couple of kilos (not realizing that it were her muscles for the most part),
d) gets back to her usual 2000 kcal, that is, she consumes 800 calories more per day, without knowing it.

In 10 days, these 800 kcal turn into a kilogram of pure fat (8000kkal)!!

And what does she do? Does she wonder why it happened this way?

No, most of it just get back on her “magic” diet… and keep accumulating weight.

What to do?

  • Firstly, eat 1 g protein per 1 kg of body weight daily, i.e.if you weigh 65kg, you need to eat 60-65 grams of protein a day.
  • Second, either to maintain the existing muscle tone (exercise, jogging), or (ideally) at least slightly increase muscle mass (gym, swimming pool, intense exercise).

Breakfast: To Eat Or Not Eat?

If you think that by skipping breakfast or having just a cup of coffee as the first meal of the day, you contribute to weight loss, you were cruelly deceived? Here’s what is happening with your body, which was deprived of breakfast:

BREAKFASTa) the liver is quietly supplying your body with sugar through the night, that you gave it during the previous day.
b) it is usually sufficient for 10 hours, after which it stands upon its guard and waits for more;
c) if nothing “more” comes, sugar starts coming… again from our precious muscles.
d) this process stops as soon as you smell food or see it, and are going to eat soon (brain convinces the liver to have some patience).
e) if you don’t have your breakfast, your liver works in an emergency mode.
f) when you, at last, eat something, your blood sugar levels dramatically jump,
g) a large amount of insulin is produced, and a considerable part of what you ate is put “for emergency” to avoid this very emergency case.

So eat your breakfast to your heart’s and health’s content, especially if you ate nothing after 18 PM.

Note: if your working schedule makes you get up very early, a rich breakfast on the contrary, will not bring any benefits to your health or weight loss progress; if this is the case, you should eat something like yogurt or drink a glass of milk, and later have a “brunch”.

Hunger – Questionable Feeling

Brain of each and every person has a cherished part, responsible for the feeling of hunger. Its operating principle is very simple:

I. it keeps track of blood sugar levels;

II. the less the sugar, the more you want to eat (thus, the masochists that go through weeks of fasting stop feeling hunger somewhere on the third day – the body realizes that it has to cope with the situation on its own and gradually burns fat and muscles (!), maintaining a constant minimum level).

Alcohol, sweets and white bread are champions in simple sugars content. These are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.

So here’s what happens after you eat something sweet:

before-aftera) the blood sugar level rises sharply,
b) the same huge dose of insulin is released to process the sugar.
c) it copes with the task really, really, really fast and… brings sugar level you had before you ate this poor chocolate to an even lower level.
d) so you are even more hungry than you were.

Therefore, snacking with a roll, chocolate and even fruit (fruits are better eaten for dessert immediately after a meal) is a sure way to spoil everything. What to do?

If you eat three full meals a day, the sugar level rises slowly and slowly goes down, and you do not feel extreme hunger. If you need to snack (well, you simply can’t hold till lunch or dinner!), a boiled egg, a few crabsticks, some low-fat ham, or a yogurt are the best things you can think of.

If suddenly you realize that your life will be over without a piece of chocolate, or this fantastic cookie, eat it. Yet, you should eat it during a meal (best with tea during breakfast) – protein, fiber and everything else that got into your stomach with it, will slow the absorption of sugar and nothing horrible will happen (I advise you not to abuse this indulgence).

Another thing that can cause hunger is water deficit. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 women think that they are hungry, when in fact they want to drink! Drink a glass of water, maybe everything it all just goes away.

And finally, hunger can appear due to the lack of some elements (vitamins, minerals, amino acids or something else). You can eat five plates of fried potatoes and three chocolates, and still be hungry, because these dishes did not supply you with the nutrients.

What to do? Eating by the principle of less and better + obligatory take vitamins (no matter how balanced your diet is, a diet is a diet). The best thing you can use is the beer yeast, which are natural, cheap, and, besides a large number of vitamins, contain almost all the necessary minerals and rare amino acids. Yet, if you take synthetic vitamins, it’s still better than nothing.

Does Skinny Mean Beautiful?

Often, woman looks worse after a fast weight loss than she looked before, regardless of age:

  • hair is dull
  • skin looks unhealthy,
  • and, horror of horrors, hideous stretch marks on the chest and hips.

You can avoided these issues, if you:

  • take vitamins (see above),
  • eat regularly and correctly,
  • are physically active,
  • lose weight NOT TOO QUICKLY, to let the skin adapt to the new volumes.

I would also advise you to take Lecithin (in granules or capsules). It is not very expensive, it is natural, and, moreover, it reduces your cholesterol level (people usually take for this reason). It also prevents the formation of stretch marks, which is something not many of us know.

With All These Diets I Completely Stopped Doing Number Two

It is one burning and very important question. Typically, women eat less during a weight loss diet. Unfortunately, she often drinks less, as well. This results into less frequent bowels evacuation.

But all those extra kilos that you want to drop won’t just vanish. All of these bad things have to leave your body. Therefore, you have to complement the food you eat in compliance with your weight loss diet with 1.5 liters of water. Make it 2 in the summer. Feces consist mostly of water, so it is often enough to drink a sufficient amount of water to solve this problem.

Note: you have to empty the first glass of water 10 minutes before breakfast

  1. i.e. you woke up – you drank a glass of water (you can prepare it in the evening),
  2. then you start getting dressed and ready for the new day.

This is a habit that you must preserve for the whole life. If you drink enough water, but you still don’t “visit the toilet” every day, you should consume more fiber (I think any weight loss fan knows what it is and where to find it). Buy a pack of wheat bran (they are cheap too). It is this type of peel, which you can add to your cereal, yogurt, soup, or salad – it is tasteless.

  • If you do this and add a glass of water drank before breakfast, you can forget about your toilet issues once and for all.

I Know Everything About Diets, And About Eating, And That Exercising Is A Must, And Even Things That You Do Not Know, But I Keep Failing To Lose Weight…

There are tones of good tips, like:

  • eat less and better
  • try to exercise more
  • drink one and a half a liter of water,
  • do not eat after six,
  • replace mayonnaise with low-fat yoghurt,
  • eat apples instead of candies.

Not a single doubt, these are good, useful and correct. Especially if you want to maintain a normal weight.

Yet, if your weight is far from desired standards, you will need a fantastic willpower to lose weight significantly due to minor changes in nutrition and habits. I don’t have such a willpower… and I am not the only one, I am sure.

Therefore, in my opinion, we must first purposefully work on losing weight fast and healthy, and only then follow the abovementioned advice. You only need three things, if you want to lose weight: motivation, diet and exercise.

Motivation is not just an abstract “oh, losing a couple kilos would be nice”. It is a whole system of measures that will help You become a You-perfect with maximum efficiency and minimal psychic trauma. Here it is:

1) First and most important: TARGET WEIGHT. All kinds of tables and graphics are not your allies, if you want to identify it. The only one who knows your perfect weight is yourself. Maybe you longingly look at the picture of yourself two years ago, where you are “Miss Bikini” somewhere on the seashore; or maybe you were in your best shape on your wedding day.

TO cut a long story short, you recall on how much weighed back then and put a clear objective:

“My perfect weight – 50 (54, 62…) kg, and soon I’ll get it back” – and until your scale shows it, strictly follow the following rules.

You can mark it with red on the scale, or write with your lipstick on the mirror or in your cherished notebook – it does not matter. The important thing is that you know exactly, what you strive for, because slimming to nowhere, or “loosing a couple of kilos” will lead to zero results.

If this number will always be in in front of your eyes, your subconscious mind will begin rebuilding the body to this objective (if it is within reason, with the account of your constitution and age). And the scales pointer will crawl to the left…

Visual motivation

1. First

  • Choose the “measuring clothes” (I chose super-cool jeans that I bought by eye, which I couldn’t fasten, despite my, as I thought, size).
  • Take a photo of yourself wearing these (as far as you can put them on).
  • Keep this photo before D-day, when you reach your ideal and take another photo for contrast.
  • Save both photos for the future, so that you never neglect yourself like this again.

2. Second

Either hang around the house your old photos, where you are in a good shape (or put into a special notebook), or not your photos, but pictures from magazines that will stimulate the highest weight loss motivation.

3. Motivation

“cherry on top” involves nice things you promise yourself, when reaching the desired result:

  • a new super haircut,
  • a subscription to the solarium,
  • awesome clothes.
  • All these will look perfect on the new you, slim and cheerful…


It is everything you will eat during this epoch-making experiment. The above facts about nutrition and body functioning bring us to the conclusion that our weight loss diet should be varied, with plenty of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Thus, we will not allow our body make stretch marks, develop constipations and the feeling of hunger.

Yet, the diet for losing weigh has to be effective that would make your weight melt slowly but surely. It also should be inexpensive. Let’s leave those three pineapples for breakfast and prawns for lunch for Sophia Loren. Yeah … Good news – such a diet does exist!

And here is our weight loss diet plan:

  • You take three meals a day plus 1 snack (or after breakfast, or after lunch, i.e. afternoon snack).
  • Interval between the meals is 3-4 hours (for example, breakfast at 8, snack at 11, lunch at 14 and dinner at 18).
  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day (count tea and milk, don’t count soup), or 2 when it is hot.
  • Drink first glass of water 10 minutes before breakfast.Buy a small bottle (0.5l) of mineral water with a convenient lid or choose a pretty bottle to delight your eyes, and take it everywhere with you (you can use filtered water, if you wish).
  • Take vitamins, lecithin and add bran in any food you can.
  • Get yourself a notebook and note in it everything you eat and drink (it eases the calculation process). At the beginning, until you get used to the regime, you can also note a plan for tomorrow, like “eat for breakfast this or that, drink 0.5 liters of water before dinner…”. You can also note there all your “measuring” and motivating weight loss pictures before and after. Once a week (for example, every Sunday), write down your weight, waist/hip circumference.Such a daily self-control is a very good remedy for all those, who like to throw in the towel half way.