Within certain limits, use of a daily dose of Metermine helps to get rid of extra pounds. In order to maximally suppress appetite and stably reduce body weight, there is no need to use the highest doses of Metermine, at least at the beginning of treatment.

During obesity treatment, do not experiment and do not change the dosing schedule by yourself.

Follow the recommendations on the use and Metermine will help to get rid of excess fat:

  • Dosage strength of Metermine may vary depending on many factors
  • Dose frequency is not changed – one capsule of Metermine 15mg, 30mg or 40mg is taken together with breakfast
  • At the beginning of obesity treatment, an average dosage – one Metermine 30mg capsule should be used every 24 hours

When Metermine capsules are taken every day at the same time, an optimal appetite suppression is achieved.

If use of Metermine 30mg capsules does not help to steadily lose weight, the daily dose can be increased to 40mg.

The daily dose can be increased to 40 mg at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the pharmacological treatment of overweight or obesity.

If to start taking the maximum dose of Metermine 40mg at the beginning of obesity treatment, the duration of the drug use will be reduced.

The recommended duration of using Metermine makes up to 12 weeks. This period is directly related to pharmacodynamic properties of Metermine. The drug effectively suppresses appetite especially at the beginning of use. Gradually, effect of appetite suppression and rate of weight loss are reduced.

If to begin treatment with the average doses, a possibility to increase the daily dose will remain. This will prevent development of tolerance to the pharmacological effect of the drug and will increase the duration of Metermine use.

The dose of Metermine 15mg is reserved for obese patients who do not tolerate a dose of 30mg. Such doses are often used in elderly people, who suffer from obesity and other health problems.