Like any other drugs, Metermine should not be taken after expiration date. Expired Metermine 40mg, 30mg or 15mg capsules can still be safe and effective for use, but their quality is no longer guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Expiration date of anti-obesity drug Metermine makes 36 months from production date.

Duromine 15mgIf you want to continue treatment of obesity or overweight, but expiration date of Metermine capsules is ended, it is better to consult a pharmacist or doctor.

  • Expiration date does not indicate a point when anti-obesity drug ceases to work well and safely.

Pharmacokinetic effect of Metermine, namely appetite suppression can be reduced after the end of expiration date. Storage of anti-obesity drugs after they are no longer needed creates an unnecessary risk to health, especially if a family has children or pets.

If unused Metermine capsules remained after obesity treatment or past expiration date, take them to pharmacy, hospital or your doctor.

  • The drug should not be thrown away with normal household waste.

Metermine includes a controlled substance Phentermine, which can be harmful if someone will take it accidentally. All drugs affecting the central nervous system and appetite suppression should be disposed properly.

Note that shelf life is not the only factor affecting the pharmacokinetic effect of Metermine or any other drugs. If not to observe storage conditions, physical and chemical properties of Metermine capsules can vary under the influence of the external factors.

The main factors negatively affecting shelf life of any drug are:

  • Humidity
  • OIxygen
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Light (especially sunlight)

Metermine capsules are supplied in sealed blister foil pack. This package provides a certain protection from negative impact of moisture and oxygen.

The supplier of Metermine – a pharmaceutical company iNova recommends to keep this anti-obesity drug at a temperature of 30 ° C or below.

The storage location must protect the drug from the light source.
Do not use the expired anti-obesity drug Metermine if not received approval from the physic