Metermine FAQ

FAQPeople, suffering from obesity, pay a close attention to anti-obesity medications with a strong anorectic effect. Because everybody knows that the decrease of appetite is the easiest way to stop overeating.

Metermine is the kind of medication, which is frequently discussed on special forums and blogs. Once you read hundreds of Metermine feedbacks, you can surely say that many of those, who wrote them, have never used Metermine diet pills.

If you would like to know trustworthy information about Metermine, please look through a brief FAQ to this weight loss drug. If you have not found the answer to your question in the given FAQ, we are glad to answer any of your questions online.

In what countries is Metermine available?

  • Diet pills Metermine are available on sale in the countries of Asian-Pacific region (including Australia). In NZ, Canada, USA, EU and UK, Metermine pills are not available.

Can I use Metermine for obesity to cure obesity in children?

  • Australia is not the only industrially developed country, where diet pills containing Phentermine (Metermine as well) are freely administered to children from 12 years old and older. In many other countries of the world, Phentermine pills are only prescribed for patients over 16 years old.

What are the generic medications of Metermine?

In case weight loss capsules contain the same amount of active ingredient Phentermine (resin complex) as Metermine capsules, it means they are Metermine generics.

  • In Australia, there are several generics of Metermine: Duromine, Phentermine Resin Valeant and Phentermine Resin iNova.
  • On the international pharmaceutical market, Metermine generics are available under the following trade names: Ionamin, Novirazin, Bellapront, Razin, Restryn, Linix, Proxidal, Linyl, Normaform, Omnibex, Lipopill, Obex, Mirapront, Mirubal, Phentermine Resin Complex.

How long can I use Metermine capsules?

  • You can take any drug, containing Phentermine within three months. In 10-12 weeks after the onset use of Metermine capsules, patient should discuss with doctor the possibility of further anti-obesity therapy.

If regular use of Metermine capsules does not provide a significant weight loss within three months, it probably means that patient has tolerance to pharmacological effect of Phentermine. In this case, one should stop using Metermine capsules and start taking some other prescription of over-the-counter medications for the weight loss (those that contain no Phentermine).