Studies show that about 62% of the adult Australian population have excess body weight, which negatively affects the quality of life and health of people.

In this regard, the Australian government decided to subsidize the cost of purchasing prescription anti-obesity medications to certain categories of the population. This allows some obese Australians get free Metermine capsule.

For getting free Metermine capsules, low-income Australians may qualify, who live on unemployment benefits, or citizens whose annual income is significantly lower than the average Australian.

The low-income citizens of Australia have the opportunity to treat obesity in the country’s public hospitals.

If this is the case, the Australian Government undertakes to cover the cost of treatment, and the obese person does not spend money to buy Metermine capsules.

If a resident of Australia has public insurance Medicare and his annual income is higher than the average Australian (over $ 50,000), this obese person is not entitled to free capsules of appetite suppressant Metermine.

Then, you will have to buy Metermine at full price, and reducing the cost of anti-obesity treatment is impossible.

Despite the fact that this drug is not included in PBS drugs list, you can get some amount of free Metermine capsules, if you order this anti-obesity drug on an online pharmacy.

When you purchase several Metermine packs at once, online pharmacies can provide their regular customers a discount or present free of charge a certain number of capsules of the drug.

It should be noted that in recent years the Ministry of Health of Australia holds discussions about the feasibility of extending benefits for the purchase of anti-obesity medications (including Metermine).
Supporters of the subsidized/free purchase of Metermine capsules believe that the use of this anti-obesity drug will improve the life quality of obese Australians and will improve their health.