diet without even noticing

One fine day, you get on a diet:

  • For breakfast, you cook yourself healthy porridge,
  • During lunch, you enthusiastically chew on a piece of steamed chicken breast.
  • For dinner, you choose a cup of low-fat yoghurt.

Two o’clock after midnight you find yourself near the fridge gnawing on a huge piece of chocolate cake.

Sounds familiar? Certainly does. Been there, done that. But why, why is this happening over and over again?

  • In his book “Easy way to stop smoking”, Allen Carr told a story about one of his patients.

This happens because you already have strict limits, but the results are not even close to come. And if you have no result, then why on Earth you have to suffer so much?

He unwittingly explained, why it is so difficult to quit smoking. He said, “Oh, I could easily quit smoking, if I could smoke while doing it!” Indeed, abandoning smoking is a serious stress. And what a smoker does, when he is stressed? He smokes, of course.

The same goes for diets, as well. The body perceives sudden dietary restrictions as a stressful situation and demands a dose of endorphins, i.e. pleasure. A delicious meal is the fastest way to escape stress. If you could first lose weight, and then go on a diet, everything would be a lot easier. Your brain would get its endorphins the moment you are enjoying your new body in the mirror. It would no longer crave for chocolate.

Why is it impossible to lose weight, and give up on the goodies already after you lose all excessive fat?

  • We rush to please you: it is possible!
  • All you will have to do is to trick your brain.

Buy Small Plates

Strange but true: we really eat with the eyes. The larger the plate, the greater the serving. You won’t be able to fool your brain by placing a miserable half a serving on a huge plate. Even if this half-serving contains your recommended daily calorie intake, you will have a feeling that you didn’t manage to get full. If you, however, place the same amount of food on a dessert plate, you will certainly feel sated.

Choose Coloreful And Bright Plates

Food definitely looks more beautiful on white plates. Yet, it creates another problem. We unconsciously try to cover the “white” of the plate, as if painting the background of an image on a white sheet. Colored dishes will not create the same desire to “color”. If you choose green plates, you will notice how they bring out the temptation to put more and more fresh vegetables on them.

Hide Junk Food

You don’t need to build hideouts in remote places. All you need to do is to put all junk goodies in opaque containers or wrap them in foil. Useful and dietary products should in turn be placed into transparent containers or even left uncovered.

You open the fridge with a desperate urge to eat something and see a dark bag with deep-fried chicken wings, and right next to it – boiled chicken breast in a transparent container. Guess what will you choose? That’s right, a piece of meat.

Once you saw it, your brain is already anticipating this particular flavor. Although, in fact, you were aiming at the chicken wings.

Cook Breakfast In The Evening

Breakfast is the main problem of people, who are trying to lose weight fast. You must eat breakfast to “set off” the metabolism. Your breakfast should mandatory be rich to help you avoid the desire of chewing cookies until lunch.

Yet, we don’t have time to cook in the morning, or can’t make ourselves eat something at all.

So, your breakfast consists of two sandwiches and a cup of coffee, and two hours later you feel like eating an elephant.

In fact, you have a large variety of dishes to choose from that can be cooked the day before:

  • You can buy a slow cooker, and it will make sure that delicious porridge is ready by the time of your awakening.
  • You can cover the oatmeal with yoghurt and leave it to sit over the night – you will get a delicious dish.
  • If you’re not willing to give up sandwiches, you can make them with baked meat, cooked in advance.

In general, the idea is simple: you wake up and a ready meal is waiting for you. This eliminates the question: “How about buying a croissant on the way to work” and boosts your weight loss rate .

Let Water Be Everywhere

There is a very funny trick: you take a couple of glasses, fill them with water and put them in the fridge. As soon as you feel hungry, you open the fridge, see these glasses and realize that in fact you were thirsty. You will drink some water instead of eating something again. This is explained by the fact that we often confuse thirst with hunger.

Besides, we drink too much coffee and carbonated beverages, which dehydrate the body. Therefore, you have to ensure a stock of clean water not only in the fridge, but also on the office desk and at home – in places, where you normally rest. At arm’s length. You won’t even notice how you stop drinking cola and get used to the taste of pure water, thus helping the body get rid of toxins and excessive weight faster.

Drink From Tall Glasses

The first rule of any diet is abandoning alcohol. It’s horrible. Restrictions are everywhere, and you are deprived of having fun at the parties, as well. The truth is that you can limit alcohol consumption quite discreetly.

Scientists held a fun test: they asked bartenders to pour a standard serving of spirits in a low and wide glass, and the second – in a tall and narrow one.

So, even professionals with extensive experience were pouring in less by about 20% in the second case. The secret is simple: vertical line seems longer than horizontal, even if they are the same.

Thus, a tall glass is “fuller” than the low one. Remember to choose tall glasses, and ask to add more ice if you prefer cocktails. The volume will seem huge, while in fact you will drink quite a small amount.

Keep Vegetables And Fruit On The Table

The secret is that you will never get into the bottom box of the fridge to take an apple. That is, of course, if you are not planning to bake an apple pie. This is because a lot of tempting food is waiting for you on the shelves of the fridge. A cake, for example.

If you place clean fruits and vegetables in plain sight, you will be able to simply take one while passing by the table.

Our brain likes to turn on the autopilot: what if war begins and I am tired? So, you keep on snacking the same way every day: completely mindlessly take some cookies and chew on them without even noticing. It would be better to take a tomato, of course, but you have to take it out of the fridge, wash it…

And now you don’t have to do it anymore, because it’s right here, always at hand – ready and waiting to assist your weight loss goal achievement.

Do Not Eat Right Of The Package

Yes, sure, everyone knows that you never do anything like that! Nonsense! We also don’t. Never ever. Not a single product. Except, perhaps, chips or crackers. And chocolate. And delicious fresh baguette from the package. Oh, and you can also dip it in Nutella jar, while no one sees…

Well, you get the idea, right? Package is a bottomless hole, because we can’t see how much we actually eat. And your brain is convinced that you, poor thing, did not eat anything at all. Get into the habit to put everything on the plate, to see how much you eat. By the way, chips in the light of the day look absolutely rubbish, as it turns out.