work standing

Modern gadgets, whether Apple Watch or fitness bracelets, among other useful functions, are designed to remind us that during the working day it’s nice to get up off the chair and walk a little. It is believed that even a small amount of physical activity during the sedentary working day will provide a positive effect over the health of the spine and overall well-being and, moreover, help to lose weight.

The last aspect is the one that we are more interested in today. How many calories, for example, can you burn, if you work standing, and not sitting? Scientists recently answered this question.

As reported by Live Science, a new study analyzed data from nearly 50 reports on the same topic, so that the cumulative number of participants was more than 1100 people. Previous studies were aimed at studying the difference between calories spent while performing an action in a sitting or a standing position.

As a result, it was found out that:

  • While performing a simple task standing up, we burn an average of 0.15 extra calories per minute, compared with doing the same task while sitting.

In men, it is 0.2 calories per minute, and in women – 0.1 calories per minute. Scientists are sure that this should be associated with muscle mass, which is usually greater in men, than it is in women.

Thus, for a person who weighs 65 kilograms, the caloric benefits of changing his position during the working day will not be so high – just 54 calories a day. According to researchers, this will not be enough to get rid of extra pounds, but, on the other hand, even such a slight decrease in the caloric intake can help maintain the current weight.

“Standing is better than sitting anyway, but you still need more activity to reduce weight and improve your overall health,”

noted the lead author Farzane Saeidifard from the Mayo Clinic at the scientific session of the American Heart Association.

On the scale of calorie burning, where sitting position is 0, and full physical activity, such as swimming and running, is 100, the standing position will be somewhere in the range of 5 to 10″

A growing volume of research shows that sedentary work, and generally too long sitting, is associated with a host of risks, including the risk of:

  • heart and vascular disease,
  • breast and colon cancer,
  • increased risk of premature death.

In a separate study by Farzane Saidifard, her colleagues researched how a replacement of the regular table with a standing workstation (we remind you that you can work on it both standing and sitting) also affects the health condition.

This replacement provided the participants with an additional 1 hour and 15 minutes of working in standing position, as well as a decrease in:

  • level of glucose,
  • volume of the fat layer.