strict diets

Strict diets are no longer in vogue, counting calories is now optional. Today, we talk about new ways to stay slim without weighing, tortures and suffering.

Scrolling the Instagram feed, we notice that most of all the likes are under posts on healthy nutrition. A couple of years ago, HLS-fans were reading how to correctly calculate the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and how to eat without exceeding the “sacred” limit of 2000 kcal per day. And today, calorie counting is declared a relic of the past.

Who Is Deliciously Ella And What’s With The Popularity

Ella WoodwardElla Woodward, a coach for healthy nutrition from the UK has about one million followers. Several years ago, Ella defeated the heart disease with the help of nutrition. Since then, she has written two books of recipes, which are sold in millions of copies around the world, and keeps the blog Deliciously Ella.

The basic principle of nutrition “according to Ella” is a NO to:

  • sugar,
  • gluten,
  • animal protein,
  • calorie counting.

“I’m not obsessed with numbers and I do not think about the size of portions,” she says. “Eat as much as you want and when you want. Food should not only be healthy, but also delicious and enjoyable.”

  • 35% of people who go on a diet, are dependent on calorie counting.

Bacon And Healthy Eating? Yes, If It’s Amanda Chantal Bacon

AMANDA CHANTAL BACONHollywood celebrities, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Shailene Woodley are crazy about Amanda Chantal Bacon. “It seems that the Universe made a monstrous mistake with her family name!” they joke about her on the Internet. She is a vegan, a staunch opponent of traditional weight loss diets and a the calorie counting system.

Amanda’s breakfast can consist of a cup of white tea with calendula, and lunch – of zucchini with basil and pine nuts, olives and a cup of green tea. In breaks, she actively does yoga and meditates.

“I do not believe in diets!” says Bacon. The main thing is to approach your nutrition in a conscious way. Since I started eating healthy food, my weight has lowered, and the skin has become more beautiful.” Skeptics grin: Amanda pretends to be an elf.

Meanwhile, wealthy buyers leave astronomical amounts of money in her store Moon Juice, where you can buy Reishi mushrooms, kale and superfoods (her page in Instagram is followed by almost 70 thousand people).

Paltrow herself hired Amanda as a personal lifestyle coach: “She’s adorable! It seems that she glows from the inside!” Most likely, Amanda is already simply transparent. I wonder if a simple working woman would survive with such a menu?

Lean Cuisine – Simple

LEAN CUISINEThe international company Lean Cuisine, which sells frozen and ready-made lunches to Americans and Australians, gave up on “low-calorie” and “low-fat” labels. Instead, they now label the packaging of their goods as “organic” and “freshly cooked”. This simple trick helped the brand raise its sales and get out of the two-year crisis peak.

Leading Western psychologists and nutritionists also oppose the fanatical counting of calories and are pro the so-called clean eating.

Phycologists About Weight Loss Diets

PHYCOLOGISTS ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS DIETS“Strict diets only harm,” says in an interview Traci Mann, professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota, author of the book on rational nutrition without diets ‘Secrets from the Eating Lab’. “They lead to the fact that the body begins accumulating nutrients, which it is deprived of. As a result, you can not get satiated with the usual amount of food, eat more and more. Either you suffer from hunger, or overeat and gain weight again.”

Nutritionist from New York, Keri Gans, agrees with Traci: “Strict restrictions and calorie counting give only a temporary result. Modern people begin to understand this. They are ready to take a longer way to their goal, instead of torturing themselves.”

“Based on statistics, it can be claimed that 50% of women are on a diet at this or that period of their lives,” writes Judy Mahle Lutter, author of the book about women’s health, The Bodywise Woman.

True Story Of A Low-carb Diet Follower

LOW-CARB DIETA young woman holds an online course on healthy nutrition. During a year since the opening of the Internet school, several hundred women already graduated from it. The school founder herself lives with her husband in Thailand and regularly publishes photos of her tight body in the Instagram. However, she did not have this impressive body shape all her life.

“I never had serious weight problems. A few years ago, however, it seemed to me that I was not slender enough, and I got on a strict carbohydrate diet. Of carbohydrates, I could only have oatmeal in the morning, and did not eat even fruit. At the same time, I exercised a lot. The results did not have to wait long. I lost a few kilos and had a visible muscle definition.

Serious problems arrived soon. “At a certain moment, I found it difficult to talk. I had no forces to pronounce the words and make sentences out of them. I lost my periods. I started examining books on correct nutrition. Having studied a dozen of these, I managed to develop a proper diet and a healthy attitude to food. Later, I remotely graduated from the plant nutrition course at the eCornell University.”

This is how she ‘enrolled’ into the slender rank:

  • she is vegan,
  • she does not count calories,
  • she considers one of the main principles of healthy eating to be the conscious attitude to food.

“During the meal, you should not be distracted by books, social networks, TV and even conversations. You need to concentrate completely on what you eat. Otherwise, you can miss your body signals about the fact that you’re already full.”

Intuitive Nutrition – New Or Long Forgotten Weight Loss Method

A new fashionable phenomenon was called “intuitive nutrition”. In fact, it is not that new. The pioneer of this method is the American, Thelma Weiler. Back in 1970’s, she founded a US clinic for women, who wanted to lose weight, and allowed them to eat everything without literally no restrictions.

Surprisingly, Weiler’s wards were really losing weight while:

  • Intuitive nutritiongetting rid of taboos,
  • eliminating anxiety about food,
  • avoiding cave ins and overeating.

In 2005, the system was popularized by the American dietician Steve Hawks. In an interview with CNN, he said that with the help of intuitive nutrition, he lost 20+ kilos. He also formulated the basic postulates of the new system that journalists spread throughout the world:

  • do not forbid yourself harmful products;
  • do not be deceived about them – clearly say what they will bring to your body;
  • do not eat up your stress – eat only when hungry.

We don’t find any serious mistakes in this technique. Intuitive nutrition does help many people to lose weight and maintain the result. In fact, this system speaks simply of a healthy – without dependence – relation to food. It teaches us to respect our body.

It also teaches us to correctly evaluate our body. For example, if you are a hypersthenic, that is, you naturally have a large bone structure and have a tendency to gain mass, you will not become as thin as an asthenic. This does not mean that you do not need to work on yourself. It means that you should not demand the impossible from yourself.

Today, more than 10 years after the “sensational” confession by Dr. Hawks, the main propagandists of intuitive nutrition are vegan. But is veganism useful from the point of view of official dietology?

“Veganism, unlike non-carbohydrate diets (such as the Atkins system), which really undermine our health, is not harmful, if you are not a child and not pregnant,” answers the nutritionist-endocrinologist.” People can easily live a lifetime without:

  • meat,
  • fish,
  • milk.

But they can’t live with the carbohydrates. In our article, we already gave an example of what might happen if you deprive your body of carbs. We live through splitting glucose, sole suppliers of which are the carbohydrates. At that, the thesis about the usefulness of veganism is controversial: as long as there is not enough research that would confirm the need to abandon animal protein.

How, What And Why Do We Eat?

Many of us grow up with improper mode because of parents and teachers, who kill in children their natural ability to listen to their body and recognize hunger signals. When we grow up, we begin eating not because we want to eat, but because its lunchtime.

We often “eat up” quarrels with our beloved. Is it possible to re-establish the magic mechanism? Not a sure bet. Yes, intuitive nutrition suits many people. Yet not each and every person. To make this system work for you personally, you need to be able to listen to your body. The rest can benefit from the same good old way of calories counting.

Controversial Thoughts About Intuitive Nutrition

fast foodMany experts are sure that it is too early to announce the end of the low-calorie diets era. Psychologist, expert in eating disorders even considers intuitive nutrition a harmful invention. These days, it is extremely reckless to rely only on the body’s “desires”.

Modern manufacturers of sweets and fast food get people hooked up on donuts and hamburgers, like on drugs. They use special combinations of ingredients and flavors – for example, a certain balance of salty and sweet. This activates the pleasure center in the brain, and we want to experience the same sensations again and again.

Can a person who has already formed such a dependence trust the body’s signals that he supposedly needs a muffin? Of course not! In this way, he will never lose weight. Besides, he will also deteriorate his health. You can not escape the calories calculation, since it is the most effective way to lose weight.

The amount of calories is not as important as where you get these calories from. You can “feed” your body with empty calories, like sugar, or you can choose proper source of energy, like:

  • protein,
  • vegetables,
  • complex carbohydrates.

Both the ‘Snickers’ chocolate bar and a steak contain 400 kcal, but these are not equivalent.

It is important to count calories at the beginning of your journey to a perfect body, and then you yourself will begin to understand what it means to have a balanced diet at 1,300 and 1,500 kcal. Probably, this can be called intuition, which you yourself have developed.

In the end, you can try different ways. The main thing is to be pleased with yourself and feel good. So my intuition tells me.