alternative diets

Want to know how American women lose weight before a vacation? We chose three very books that describe the most fashionable diets, which are very popular in the US.

Anti-food-snob Diet

This is an attitude to nutrition in general, and not a diet in the literal sense of the word.

A couple of years ago, a well-known scientist Dr. Mehmet Oz wrote a sensational article on food products, which made it on the cover of Time magazine.

He said (and not just he!) that it makes no sense to:

  • spend money on the so-called organic fruits and vegetables,
  • look into the fish’s eyes to check its freshness,
  • to question the farmer how freely his chicken grazed.

Dr. Mehmet OzFoods that are frozen in compliance with all rules contain not less than vitamins and nutrients, than their dear “colleagues” of doubtful (at least, in a megacity) origin. The article explained that proper nutrition can be accessible and simple.

The main thing is to always keep in mind the following rules, compliance with which can help you keep your body and health in shape without any excessive financial costs.

According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, canned and frozen foods can be just as useful, as their fresh analogues. The main secret lies in proper processing, fast and modern. Check the labels for “extra” ingredients. The smaller the list of the ingredients, the better and more useful the product.

Meat should not be consumed more often, than 4 times a week. Our body simply does not need more. When you are choosing between beef, pork and chicken with turkey, preference should be given to the latter, as more healthy options.

Sweets are also helpful in moderation. For example, ice cream, especially the one that contains eggs and nuts, is rich in calcium and protein, while peanut paste is very rich in potassium and fiber. The main thing is not to go too far with the size of the serving.

Even in the ranks of not the most useful products at first sight, there are those that will positively affect your general health condition. For example, pickled cucumbers are low in calories and rich in vitamin K.

The main idea is that modern preservation methods are so advanced that they allow preserving the benefits of products even after processing. Mehmet Oz insists that a healthy diet should not cost space money. It is important to learn how to read labels, choose foods with the least amount of additives, and control portions of food you consume.

The Low Fodmap Diet

Dr. Sue ShepardThe main postulates of this health diet were formulated by Dr. Sue Shepard. It implies you gradually excluding from your nutrition foods that cause bloating, primarily carbohydrates that promote fermentation.

Of course, there is already a black list from the start, which inckudes:

  • cabbage,
  • artichokes,
  • mushrooms,
  • apples,
  • milk,
  • honey…

You will exclude the rest over time, while listening to your body. As a result, you will get a good metabolism and a healthy stomach, and goodbye forever the syndrome of “irritated bowel”, and your stomach will become flat.

Each person will have his own set of prohibited products. However, as we already said, there is an established list of food taboos, the consumption of which should be limited.

We cite the “banned” foods and the list of foods we can use to replace them:

1. Lactose. It is found in milk, cottage cheese, cheese, sour cream, all kinds of pastry creams and ice cream. Not every body is capable of qualitatively digesting lactose-containing products in larger quantities. As a consequence, you have increased gas formation and abdominal pain.

Alternative: vegetable milk, vegetable oils, hard cheeses, non-pasteurized yogurt.

2. Fructose. High concentration of this element in many fruits and juices makes them undesirable guests on the table. Apples, grapes, pears, and dried fruits are the products that should be exclude from the diet first. They should be replaced by analogs that are more friendly to the intestines.

Alternative: bananas, blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, melons.

3. Beans. Despite their high nutritional value, it is better to limit the consumption of these foods to people, who suffer from increased gas production. Legumes contain a special type of carbohydrates, galactooligosaccharides, which cause bloating and abdominal pain.

Alternative: rice, oats, quinoa, wheat, barley, rye.

4. Food polyols. They are also called sugar alcohols. These are popular sweeteners that are used in the production of dietary products, pharmaceuticals, confectionery products, including chewing gum and “sugar-free” sweets.

Alternative: traditional sugar, honey, maple syrup, molasses.

Other details of the diet and many recipes are available in book, the name of which coincides with the name of this weight loss diet.


The author of several Hollywood diet-bestsellers Cynthia Sass proposed a new way of getting rid of excess weight.

  • The 30-day diet begins with a five-day limiting phase, during which you can experiment with only five products: spinach, raspberries, almonds, eggs and yogurt.
  • Then, you gradually begin to include in your diet other fruits, vegetables, cereals, and legumes.
  • In the end, you are allowed to eat fish and poultry.

Throughout the entire course, the nutritionist recommends doing sports – 30 minutes of exercise, 5 days a week. The main task of the diet is not so much to lose weight fast, as to learn having a proper approach to your nutrition.

Cynthia Sass promises that after such 30-day marathon you will stop eating everything you see, and will begin to approach your nutrition in a meaningful way.

Here are three rules that are important to stick with throughout the diet:

  1. Eat regularly and “on schedule”. Make 3 to 5-hour breaks between the meals. Regular nutrition speeds up metabolism and lets food to be better absorbed, without being stored as excess kilograms on your body.
  2. Observe the balance of food elements. Fiber, proteins and carbohydrates should be evenly present in every meal. Lack of one of the elements immediately affects your digestion in a negative way.
  3. Use natural herbs and spices. They will not only enrich your dishes with new flavors, but will also speed up your metabolism. Pay special attention to ginger and pepper.

*It is best to do this diet after a good detox program. Then, the results promise to be impressive.