Sugar diet

Does sugar diet really allows eating sweets and how to lose weight without excluding sugar from the diet?

At first glance, the term “sugar diet” seems absurd and contradictory.

First, you get a feeling of joy and happiness – you finally found a diet that includes all the usual list of forbidden foods:

  • chocolate,
  • sweets,
  • cakes,
  • ice cream,
  • sweet rolls.

But are these products really allowed? Today you will find out what sugar diet is and if it is really effective, and its main eating system.

The principle of sugar diet

It turns out that things are not so simple – sweet words “sugar diet” hide a set of strict rules and restrictions. The sugar diet principle is simple: the diet should include sugar and liquid, or more precisely, liquid with added sugar.

sugar with waterOnce in the body, sugar splits into glucose and fructose. Glucose is the main carbs provider, and hence the energy for your body. Thus, sugar provides the necessary amount of carbs and energy, and the body gets time to rest, free from the necessity of solid food digestion.

Sugar diet falls into the category of so-called mono-diets. These are weight loss eating systems, based on a single product or its variations. It is dangerous to keep to such system more than one or two, maximum three days. Such restrictions always stress your body heavily.

In addition, there is a good chance to return the kilos you lost, because after you exit the diet, your body will tend to compensate for the stress, resulting from the violation of metabolism.

Eating principle

You can and should drink following types of tea:

  • black and green,
  • herbal,
  • ginger,
  • peppermint,

as well as decoctions from:

  • leaves of currants,
  • raspberries,
  • cherries,
  • rose hips.

Add 30 grams of sugar for every 200 ml of liquid.

In addition to tea and a variety of decoctions, you should drink 2-3 liters of mineral water during the day.

Sugar diet for weight loss excludes

  • all juices, including fresh,
  • fruit drinks,
  • milk drinks,
  • coffee due to possible stress on the heart.

Sugar diet for weight loss excludes

You should start your day on weight loss sugar diet with green tea. Thanks to its tonic properties, you will receive the necessary energy boost. An hour later, drink a glass of mineral water. At night, it is desirable to drink rose hips decoction or mint tea.

cucumberFor those, to whom such restrictions seem unbearable, there is a milder version of the sugar diet, which allows eating a small amount of vegetables. During the day, you can include into your liquid diet plan small portions of salads or steamed vegetables. Recommended vegetables are the ones with “slow” carbohydrates and include:

  • pumpkin,
  • cucumber,
  • cabbage,
  • eggplant,
  • carrots (raw),
  • beets.

Due to severe restrictions, many recommend going on sugar diet in weekends. Do not engage in manual labor and sports because of possible heavy load on the heart. You are allowed to make relaxing walks and breathe fresh air. And be sure to get enough sleep. Try to sleep at least ten hours a day.


Before you start the diet, consult a doctor and get tested for blood sugar level. Sugar diet is totally and completely prohibited for those who have diabetes and other chronic diseases. Sugar diet is extremely undesirable for people suffering from anemia, as well as during the spring vitamin deficiency condition.

You should not go on sugar diet more often than once or twice a month. Such a challenge for the body is too tough. Remember to both enter and exit mono-diets with caution. In a few days before you start dieting, exclude fatty and high-calorie foods, and avoid alcohol.

When you finish the diet, start your daily eating with

  • fresh juices,
  • soups,
  • mashed potatoes,
  • vegetable salads,
  • porridge cooked with water.

Do not immediately go back to normal life. Your body managed to rearrange even during this short period of time.


Sugar Diet is a convenient version of fasting days or a quick way to get rid of extra kilos before an important event. But, like any other mono-diet, sugar diet can not be a permanent nutrition principle. If you really want to change yourself and your appearance, you should take a careful adjustment of your daily diet and lifestyle.