Metermine is a drug, which is prescribed in combination with hypocaloric diet and complex of physical exercises for weight loss.

  1. Metermine anti-obesity drug is usually administered as an average therapeutic dose – Metermine 30mg.
  2. According to doctors’ advice, the best way to take Metermine diet pills is in the morning with breakfast. Metermine intake at the same time every day provides the most stable therapeutic effect.

If application of Metermine 30mg is accompanied by side effects (sleep disorder, anxiety or irritation), one should reduce the daily dose of Metermine up to 15 mg.

Metermine 15mg is a minimal daily dose of the weight loss drug. Minimal dose of Metermine (15mg) is prescribed for patients, who develop adverse reactions to high doses.

  • Besides, anti-obesity therapy in minimal dose can be administered in some diseases.

Patients with moderate renal or hepatic insufficiency are recommended to initiate the anti-obesity therapy with the minimal dose Metermine 15mg.

If necessary, these patients may increase Metermine daily dose up to average therapeutic dose (Metermine 30mg).

It is recommended to control the liver and kidney function when increasing Metermine daily dosage.

Because renal or hepatic insufficiency is mostly observed with age (after 50 years), then patients aged between 50 and 65 are recommended to start Metermine therapy with minimal doses of these diet pills (Metermine 15mg).

Duromine 15mgDiet drug Metermine is meant for anti-obesity therapy in adults and children older than 12 years. Anorexigenic drug Metermine can be administered to children from 12 to 18 years old at the minimal dosage Metermine 15mg. When prescribed in pediatrics, Metermine 15mg reduces the risk of side effects: insomnia, nervousness, dry mouth and nausea).

Metermine 15mg is the safest and most effective dosage for people with comorbidities. The weight loss with the help of Metermine 15mg may increase the body sensitivity to insulin. Therefore, during the use of Metermine along with anti-diabetic therapy, doctors recommend to lower the dose of hypoglycemic drugs.

The decrease of abdominal fat also causes a positive effect on the blood pressure. Therefore, the use of Metermine along with drugs to regulate the blood pressure increases the effect of antihypertensive drugs.

That is why when using Metermine at the same time with drugs that regulate your blood pressure, the therapeutic effect of antihypertensive drugs may increase.

To avoid critical drop of blood pressure, renal failure, patient might need to reduce the daily doses of antihypertensive drugs.

If you decided to buy Metermine 15mg pills, but have never taken medications containing Phentermine, be sure to consult your doctor before placing an order.