Usually anti-obesity therapy with Metermine is initiated with prescription of a weight loss drug in an average therapeutic dose 30mg. The average therapeutic dose (Metermine 30mg) is a dose, which provides a sufficient therapeutic effect in most obese patients.

It is recommended to take Metermine 30mg diet pills in the morning with food.

To get a maximum therapeutic effect, it is recommended to take Metermine 30mg regularly, at the same time every day.

Due to a prolonged action of ion exchange, Phentermine complex is released slowly, thereby increasing the duration of Metermine therapeutic effect.

At the beginning of anti-obesity therapy, the daily dose Metermine 30mg may cause slight side effects: dizziness, nausea, dry mouth and violated defecation. The listed side effects pass within several days of using Metermine diet pills.

In case the use of weight loss drug’s daily dose 30mg is accompanied with side effects within more than 7 days, the daily dose of Metermine should be reduced up to 15mg.

If the body mass has reduced by less than 5% of the initial weight during the use of the average therapeutic dose Metermine 30mg within 6 days, one should increase the weight loss drug’s daily dose up to Metermine 40mg.

  • Metermine diet pills are intended for treatment of obesity in adults and children over 12 years old.

Elderly patients and children under 12 years old have never been involved in clinical tests of this weight loss drug. Therefore, Metermine is contraindicated for pediatric patients (aged under 12) and elderly people, aged over 65.

One can achieve a maximal weight loss (up to 15% of the initial weight) with regular use of Metermine 30mg together with a low calorie diet and physical exercises within 12 weeks.

Special recommendations for the use of Metermine 30mg:

  1. Duromine 30mgBecause obesity increases the risk of comorbidities, when adding Metermine to anti-obesity therapy with diseases, developed as a result of obesity (diabetes, lipidemia, hypertension), it is recommended to start with a minimal dose Metermine 15mg. In case Metermine 15mg causes no side effects, Metermine daily dose can be raised up to the average therapeutic dose (Metermine 30mg).
  2. Patients with moderate renal or hepatic insufficiency are recommended to start taking the diet pills with a minimal dose (Metermine 15mg).
  3. If minimal dose of Metermine does not cause side effects, the daily dose can be increased up to Metermine 30mg.

As most of other drugs, the weight loss drug Metermine has drugs interactions.

Hence, before adding the weight loss drug Metermine to a complex therapy, it is recommended to learn drug interactions. This might help to prevent side effects.

If you decide to buy Metermine 30mg pills, but you have never ordered prescription anti-obesity drugs, contact online pharmacist and ask him any questions.