Anti-obesity drug Metermine is produced in capsules with ion exchange Phentermine resin complex. You can find Metermine 15mg, 30mg or 40mg on sale. Due to the fact that Metermine capsules provide a prolonged effect, anorexic effect of Phentermine lasts all day long.

Typically, doctors recommend to initiate anti-obesity therapy with an average therapeutic dose – Metermine 30mg.

  • If needed, Metermine daily dose can be increased up to maximum Metermine 40mg for some patients in 5-7 days.

Maximal daily dose – Metermine 40mg is prescribed for patients, who need to get maximum weight loss result within a short period of time.

However, Metermine 40mg may cause insomnia. Therefore, Metermine diet pills are recommended to take at least in 10 hours before night sleep.

The use of maximum allowable dosage of weight loss pills Metermine 40mg can increase the risk of cardiovascular side effects. Thus, it is recommended to control the blood pressure and pulse when taking Metermine maximum dose 40mg a day.

In case of frequent heart rate or high blood pressure, patient should reduce the daily dose of Metermine up to the minimum (Metermine 15mg) and visit a doctor. Perhaps, patient will have to stop using Metermine diet pills.

In addition, it is recommended to stop taking the daily dosage Metermine 40mg if patient’s body mass has reduced by less than 5% of the initial weight within 6 weeks of complex therapy, consisting of diet pills, diet and regular physical activity.

  • If necessary, one can repeat the anti-obesity therapy with Metermine 40mg within 3 months after a balanced dieting and active lifestyle.

Moreover, people can get a significant weight loss, if they regularly take Metermine 40mg diet pills combined with non-pharmacological therapy. In general, a 12-week use of Metermine helps patients to reduce the body weight by 10-15% of the initial weight.

One must never exceed the maximum dose Metermine 40mg. The intake of Metermine in the dosage over 40mg never increases therapeutic effect of the drug, yet may cause overdose.

  • The first sign of overdose appear as dry mouth, drowsiness or nausea.

The most serious overdose symptoms are: tremor, confusion, aggressiveness, tachycardia and hallucinations. In severe cases, Metermine overdose may cause coma.
In the cases of Metermine overdose, it is recommended to seek a professional help.

  • If for some reason, one cannot get an immediate professional help, the medication must be removed from the body by provoking vomiting or by means of gastric lavage.

Once Metermine was removed from the stomach, it is recommended to undergo a medical examination to exclude lesions of internal organs.
If you decided to buy Metermine 40mg diet pills online, but have never taken Phentermine-based diet pills, ask the pharmacist from online pharmacy any questions before buying Metermine 40mg online.