Alcohol interacts with most of the drugs. Therefore, when any drug is prescribed to you, it is recommended to refuse drinking alcohol beverages. In most cases, a joint use of alcohol and medications causes great harm to the body. Sometimes such interaction may cause spontaneous death.

Given that Metermine is an amphetamine, it stimulates human mental activity, just as alcohol does.

Thus, a simultaneous use of alcohol and Metermine increases stimulating effect of sympathetic nervous system, which can cause high blood pressure, tachycardia or vasoconstriction.

When taking Metermine together with alcohol, the body suffers from mutual enhancement of toxicity.

  • The fact is that alcohol slows down metabolism, which is why toxins (for example, acetaldehyde) remain in the body for a long time.

Hence toxic effect of alcohol increases. Because alcohol can easily pass through all the biological membranes, its toxic effect spreads all over the organs and systems of the human body.

Negative reaction from the cardiovascular system is the second negative effect of combination of Metermine and alcohol. The most common cardiovascular side effects, caused by combination of Metermine and alcohol are: coronary artery disease, arrhythmia, stroke and heart attack.

  • Often in case of individual intolerance of Metermine or alcohol cardiac arrest may occur.

Autopsy reveals multiple centers of ischemia, swelling of the brain tissue, partial or total pancreatic necrosis or granular degeneration of internal organs in patients, who have been taking high doses of alcohol and Metermine.

Thus, in order to avoid negative reactions, as irreparable harm to health, it is recommended to refuse from alcohol drinks during the therapy with Metermine.

Please note that Metermine pills must not be administered to patients with alcohol addiction and history of alcohol addiction. Therefore, patients abusing alcohol should use some other anti-obesity medications to fight obesity.

If you have taken Metermine pill before, after or along with alcohol and you have noticed severe side effects, ask for a professional medical help immediately. If side effects are highly pronounced, you might need hospitalization.