Weight loss drug Metermine is produced in capsules with ion exchange complex, called Phentermine. Each Metermine capsule contains 15mg, 30mg or 40mg of resin complex Phentermine. Metermine capsules provide prolonged action.

Prolonged action Metermine capsules are pharmaceutical forms with modified release. Metermine capsules provide an even release of resin complex Phentermine, due to which a certain concentration of the substance (Phentermine) is maintained in the body all day long.

The delayed release of Phentermine resin complex ensures a prolonged anorexigenic effect of the weight loss drug. Therefore, during the use of Metermine capsules, people do not feel hungry or irresistible cravings for sweets.

  • By taking just one Metermine capsule in the morning, people can control their nutritional habits.

The application of prolonged action Metermine capsules makes it possible to reduce the number of intakes of diet drug.

Metermine CapsulesBecause of sustained release Metermine capsules, concentration fluctuations of Phentermine are reduced in the blood plasma.

In addition, there is no need to take Metermine capsules frequently. Metermine capsules are to be taken just once daily in the morning.

A prolonged action of Metermine capsules helps patients not to miss time of drugs intake and prevents lessening of anorexic effect. The application of prolonged action Metermine capsules reduces the frequency of side effects, namely because of irritating effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

Resin complex Phentermine that is in Metermine capsules, is bound with water-insoluble ion exchange resin. The release of Metermine from the capsules occurs in the gastrointestinal tract only and depends on the concentration and ion exchange.

The process of ion exchange in the GI tract takes much time, but the release rate of Phentermine remains quite the same during all that time. The release rate of Phentermine from Metermine capsules is changed depending on grinding degree of ion exchanger and the amount of its branched chain.

  • The anorexigenic effect from Metermine capsules remains all day long.

It is an advantage of Metermine capsules over Phentermine tablets (containing a resin complex Phentermine). While Phentermine tablets provide a short-term anorexigenic effect, which significantly declines in the evening. Thus, Metermine capsules with Phentermine resin complex is the most suitable pharmaceutical form for obesity treatment.

If you want to use Metermine capsules for the weight loss, but they are not available at your city, you can possibly order Metermine online. If you decide to order Metermine capsules online, only you have never bought any weight loss drugs at online pharmacies, you can ask the online pharmacist any questions.