Diet therapy is one of the main conditions of safety and efficiency of Metermine diet pills. However, diet doesn’t mean a complete rejection of food or compliance with a strict nutrition scheme. First of all, diet means a smart eating and balanced food consumption. During the use of Metermine diet pills, people should keep a balance between consumed calories and energy, spent throughout a day.

It is recommended to start anti-obesity therapy with Metermine diet pills by reducing the usual diet by at least 500-600 kcal. Diet therapy also requires reduction of fat by 20-30 per cent daily.

Thus, people should better reduce the amount of animal fat in daily diet up to 80 g. It is better to cook using vegetable fat (sunflower seed oil, corn oil, olive oil).

  • A regular use of vegetable fats during the use of Metermine diet pills is a necessary thing.

The thing is that vegetable fats contain polyunsaturated fatty acids and other substances that normalize fat metabolism, increase the elasticity, reducing vascular permeability and preventing fatty liver.

Herewith, human body needs minimum 90-100 g of protein every day. This helps to prevent the loss of protein in body tissues. Moreover, the body uses more energy during Metermine therapy if patient consumes enough proteins. The process is simple: the body quickly digests protein food, which increases satiety.

  1. To get enough proteins, people should eat 400-500 g of foods high in protein (cottage cheese, meat, fish, egg white and seafood).
  2. A well-balanced diet means the consumption of low-fat meat and fish (better boiled).
  3. It is recommended to reduce the amount of consumed carbohydrates during the use of Metermine diet pills.
  4. But first, patient should better limit sugar intake, pastry and sweet drinks.
  5. If person, who takes Metermine diet pills cannot quit sweets, he should limit their amount up to 100-200 g per day.
  6. In addition, people should avoid eating bakery products and pasta, as well as reduce the amount of cereals, when using Metermine pills.
  7. In case patient cannot quit eating bread, then he should at least limit its amount up to 100-150 g daily.
  8. It is better to eat rye, bran or whole grain bread during the therapy with Metermine diet pills.
  9. There are no limits for eating fresh vegetables when on diet.
  10. People, taking Metermine diet pills, can eat fresh cabbage, radish, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini or pumpkin in unlimited quantities.
  11. People, who are losing weight, must not forget to eat fruit, like sweet and sour apples, citrus fruit, gooseberries, cranberries and currants.
  12. Fresh fruit and vegetables contain tartronic acid, which prevents transformation of carbs into fats.

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