Metermine is a weight loss drug, prescribed as a short-term supplement to non-drug obesity therapy. Metermine is administered if diet and physical activity, held within three months, cannot reduce the body weight by more than 5 percent of the initial body mass.

People taking diet pills Metermine in combination with low-calorie diet and regular physical exercises during 12 weeks have recorded in their Metermine reviews that they managed to lose about 15 percent of the body weight, comparing to the initial body mass.

  • Apart from the weight loss, they have noticed a significant improvement of overall health.

At the beginning of anti-obesity therapy, patients noted some side effects: drowsiness, sleep disorders, nausea, poor defecation and nervousness. In Metermine reviews, overweight people recorded that the side effects have been slightly or moderately pronounced. In 5-7 days, those side effects have simply gone away and have not required reducing Metermine dose or discontinuing the weight loss drug.

Moreover, obese people have noted in their Metermine reviews that their appetite has reduced since the very first day of using Metermine diet pills. Therefore, they only needed a small amount of food to feel full. Some patients, suffering from obesity, have noticed that they no longer wanted to eat sweets and ceased snacking every hour.

People who were taking Metermine diet pills, have written in their reviews that they have experienced burst of energy, high working capacity and stamina, despite the calories they consumed. During the therapy with Metermine, overweight patients can spend more time in gym than usually. As a result, it increases the fat burn rate.

According to Metermine reviews, in addition to the weight loss, Metermine diet pills can improve lipid control, stabilize the blood pressure and enhance the insulin sensitivity of body tissues.

  • Metermine anti-obesity therapy improves the overall health, if the risk factors are reduced.

Patients, struggling with obesity, write in their Metermine reviews that the weight loss have a positive effect on the clinical picture of comorbidities. For instance, the weight loss has a good effect on therapy of diabetes type 2 and hypertension.

Some patients had to lessen the daily dose of anti-diabetic and antihypertensive drugs, when taking Metermine diet pills. The truth is that the loss of excess fat tissue increases therapeutic effect of oral drugs for lowering blood sugar. To prevent hypertension, it is recommended to reduce daily doses of antihypertensive drugs.

Many overweight patients have also written in their Metermine reviews that after Metermine withdrawal, balanced diet and regular physical exercises helped them to keep the achieved result for a long time. Moreover, these patients managed to lose more weight after Metermine therapy.