Metermine has side effects as any other drug. When adding Metermine to anti-obesity therapy, at the beginning the following side effects may occur: dryness in mouth, thirst, headache, violated defecation, irritation and sleep disorders. These side effects disappear within a few days and require no special treatment.

  • Patients with obesity, complicated by coronary artery disease (CAD) should be very careful when taking Metermine. There were some registered clinical cases of angina exacerbation in patients with CAD.

A simultaneous intake of Metermine and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (Paroxetine, Sertraline, and Fluoxetine) can increase the risk of valvular heart disease. There is no clinical evidence of this side effect, yet it is not recommended to take Metermine and SSRIs together.

Serious side effects from cardiovascular system (valvular defect, primary hypertension) were registered during joint use of the weight loss drug Phentermine and Fenfluramine or Dexfenfluramine. Vice versa, those patients, who have been taking Phentermine without Fenfluramine or Dexfenfluramine within 12 weeks, have never had such side effects.

Nonetheless, if you have noticed such side effects as high blood pressure, palpitation, labored breathing, dyspnea, swelling of extremities, especially if these symptoms increase during physical activity, you should stop taking Metermine and call a doctor.

An adjustment of Metermine daily dose at the beginning of anti-obesity therapy may help to prevent and minimize the side effects. If 7-10 days after the onset of anti-obesity therapy with Metermine, side effects have not disappeared, the daily dose of Metermine should be reduced up to a minimal dosage (Metermine 15mg).

Besides, patient can reduce the risk of side effects by taking Metermine diet pills in accordance with doctor’s recommendations, such as low-calorie diet and physical exercises. If side effects have not disappeared during the use of minimal dose of anti-obesity drug (Metermine 15mg), it is recommended to stop taking Metermine.

  • However, in case patient needs to continue the anti-obesity therapy, he can start taking Metermine weight loss drug in 12 weeks again.

In addition, gradual weight loss helps to prevent side effects. Therefore, during the use of Metermine diet pills, patients with excess body mass should control their weight loss. The safest weight loss is considered a 1-1.5kg loss per week. The total body mass reduces by 10-15 per cent of the initial weight within 3 months.