Metermine and Duromine are produced by pharmaceutical company iNova Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty Ltd. Metermine is a generic of Duromine. So, if Duromine drug is no available on regional pharmaceutical market, doctor can prescribe diet drug Metermine.

Duromine and Metermine are trade names of Phentermine, which is one of the most popular weight loss drugs. Weight loss drugs, containing Phentermine are available under dozens trade names on modern pharmaceutical market. Many pharmaceutical companies produce this weight loss drug under generic name (name of the active substance) – Phentermine hydrochloride.

When Duromine trade patent has expired, iNova Pharmaceuticals started producing Duromine (Phentermine) under another brand name – Metermine. Because Metermine is a generic of Duromine, its price is a little bit lower than of Duromine diet pills.

  • Weight loss drugs Metermine and Duromine are administered for people with alimentary obesity. Alimentary obesity involves the consumption of large amount of fatty and high-calorie food, paired with sedentary lifestyle. In alimentary obesity, people cannot follow dietary restrictions for long time.
  • Therapeutic action of weight loss drugs, containing Phentermine is based on appetite suppression. Patients with alimentary obesity, who take Metermine or Duromine diet capsules, feel satiety when eating small portions of food.

Hence, people, taking drugs with Phentermine (Metermine, Duromine) consume little amount of calories. Considering that limited amount of calories in daily diet contributes to a quick weight loss, these diet pills can reduce the body weight without psycho-emotional discomfort.

  • Anorexigenic drugs Metermine and Duromine suppress appetite effectively.

However, to get a maximum weight loss, man should stick to a hypocaloric diet and lead active lifestyle during the use of these diet pills. In case a patient with alimentary obesity cannot exercise, he can replace the exercises with regular thirty to forty minute walk.

The unique feature of the weight loss drugs Metermine and Duromine is that these capsules contain ion exchange resin complex, which ensures a gradual release of Phentermine in the GI tract.

The anorexigenic effect of capsules with resin complex Phentermine lasts within 25 hours. Therefore, people with alimentary obesity do not feel hungry all day long, after they took just one diet capsule in the morning.

It means that the use of drugs, containing Phentermine (Metermine and Duromine) helps patients with alimentary obesity reduce the caloricity of daily diet, forming new dietary habits. Moreover, after discontinuation of these diet pills, the compliance with a low-calorie diet helps to save the achieved body weight and prevent secondary fat gain in the body.