Metermine is not among the drugs that are often abused. Nevertheless, this anorectic agent does have a potential for abuse. This is why it is assigned only by prescription.

There are several more reasons why you can not order Metermine without a prescription:

The need for a medical examination
Explanation of recommendations for use
Monitoring the rate of weight loss
Control of benefit-risk balance

Before issuing a prescription, the physician should make sure that the patient is allowed to take Metermine. This drug increases blood pressure and, therefore, is contraindicated in patients with severe hypertension. Metermine is not prescribed in some other health problems.

The doctor must also explain to the patient how and when it is best to take Metermine capsules, and prescribe the recommended dosage. If Metermine efficiency is low, the daily dose may be increased (up to 40mg daily).

Today, you can order Metermine without a prescription in one single case.

If a patient with a previous purchase of a Metermine pack provided the recipe, he can buy this drug again without a prescription.

Not every pharmacy provides such services. Many of them ask for a prescription with every purchase of Metermine 15mg, 30mg or 40mg capsules.

In Australia, you can re-order Metermine without prescription on the online pharmacies.

  • If you have previously sent the original of the recipe via mail, and an order was placed, Metermine will be delivered to your home again. It should be noted that, if the total quantity or number of doses is exceeded, the anorectic drug will not be sent to you.

Some online pharmacies offer Metermine generics without prescription.

Such activities may be illegal. There are risks of buying counterfeit or unapproved anti-obesity drugs from countries with less stringent standards of regulatory control or production.

Before you buy Metermine generics without a prescription online, make sure that the pharmacy is legitimate. This will you have a secure purchase.