If you are trying on in front of a mirror open dresses and T-shirts and see that you have covered with unnecessary fat over the winter – chin up! Not everything is lost, you still have time to fix everything.

Our express plan will help you get a beautiful body by the summer and remove fat deposits in the vulnerable places of the upper body, like:

  • forearms,
  • back,
  • abdominals.

We have prepared a set of exercises that will help eliminate these annoying problems that many women are familiar with. The complex is made up of fairly simple exercises with weighting agents (dumbbells) for more active muscle training.

Their basic principle is the direct impact on the sites of the largest concentration of fatty layer. Based on long-term observations, specialists came to the conclusion that strength training of the upper body are the most effective and provide a fast result.

In just three weeks, you will:

  1. tone your forearms,
  2. strengthen the muscles of the abs and back,
  3. “lose” one to two sizes,
  4. will gain the ability to wear open dresses without any embarrassment.

Preparing our body for the summer

Strategy and tactics

  • Start workouts with an energetic warm-up.
  • Then proceed with the main exercise (in order).
  • Do 10-12 repetitions of each exercise, alternating them with mini warm-ups – each for 30 seconds.

The entire complex is recommended to perform entirely and better daily. It only takes you 15 minutes! To achieve a more successful result, we advise you to perform lifts with weighting agents, which are the dumbbells in this case.

According to experts, the most common mistake made by women is doing exercises without tension, which means that the dumbbells are too light. Their weight should be not less than 1-1,5 kg. Do the exercises in one rhythm – evenly: 3 seconds up and 3 seconds down.

This will allow you to:

  • Avoid fatigue and excessive stress on the heart.
  • Keep your pulse rate within the normal limits.

Exercises that are performed to the music, have twice the effect, than if you were engaged in silence.

Fitness trainers became convinced of this, as well.

Here are examples of suitable compositions:

  1. Start me up / Rolling Stones
  2. Do not Stop ‘Til You Get Enough / Michael Jackson
  3. Walking on Broken Glass / Annie Lenox
  4. Bright Side on the Road / Van Morrison.

Exercises for a beautiful figure

1. Mini Workout. Criss-cross.

a. Stand up straight, legs – at the level of the hips.
b. Spread the arms bent in the elbows to the sides, palms forward.
c. Raise your right leg, straining the abs muscles, try to reach the left elbow with your knee.
d. Repeat with the other foot.

2. Basic Exercise. March March Forward.

a. Squeeze the dumbbells in your hands, take the right hand aside, the left hand in front of you.
b. March, raising your knees high and changing the position of the hands and feet (lifting the right knee, pull the left hand forward, the right one to the side, and vice versa).

3. Mini Workout. Twisting.

a. Stand up, spreading your legs to the width of your hips, squeezing the dumbbell with both hands.
b. Pull your arms out in front of you, bending your elbows slightly.
c. Make turns with the body, head and hands to the right, while the hips remain motionless.
d. Then make turns in the other direction.

4. Basic Body Exercise. The Half-bridge.

a. Lay down on your back, bending your knees, your feet rest on the floor.
b. Keep dumbbells in your hands at the chest level, elbows on the floor.
c. Raise your hands up, while pulling the pelvis off the floor so that the hands and the abs are as tight as possible.

5. Mini Workout. Roll Like A Ball.

a. Sit on the floor and press your knees to your chest.
b. Balance on the coccyx with your legs raised.
c. Strain the abs muscles and roll back so that you lean on the shoulder blades.

* If it’s hard for you, relax your hands so that your knees are not pressed against your body.

6. Basic Exercise. Squats From A Chair.

a. Sit on the edge of the chair, stopping against the floor.
b. Grab the chair behind you with your slightly bent hands.
c. Make squats, holding on to the arms and lifting the bent leg, pull the knee to the chest.
d. Change your legs and repeat the exercise.

7. Mini Workout. Push-ups From The Wall.

a. Stand up, leaning your hands against the wall, legs – on the width of your hips.
b. Do push-ups, bending your arms and trying to keep your neck, body and hips on one line, the elbow fold should reach 90 degrees.

* While doing the exercise, pull in your stomach.

8. Basic Exercise. Stand On Socks.

a. Bend your arms with dumbbells, spread out to the sides.
b. Climb to the socks, place the right foot on the calf of the left leg (if it is difficult to keep the balance, press the left foot to the floor).
c. Hold for a second, then change your legs.

Want to make sports as productive as possible? Then you should carefully think over not only the time and the plan for the workouts, but also over the clothes and suitable underwear. You should feel as comfortable as possible during trainings.