rational nutrition

It is necessary to treat your body reasonably and, to a large extent, what we eat and drink. As the ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus stated, it is impossible to live wisely and well and justly without living a pleasant life.

sportThe first principle of rational nutrition for healthy people is moderation in eating. To comply with this rule, energy coming from food should not exceed its expenditure. To take as a rule to count calories! No overeating, only the “golden mean”.

It should be noted that physical exercises – are for everyone, but especially for people engaged in mental work and for those who have excessive body weight.

Morning exercise, exercise therapy, fast walking, jogging, skiing, hiking – instead of watching the TV or sitting on the Internet. For some reason, there is time for them. Physical education should take a lasting place in our life. This is also a guarantee of health.

The second principle is a varied diet. This is a guarantee that the body will receive all the necessary components of nutrition for normal vital activity.

If a person eats the same food every day, he may lose his appetite. The human body is wise, it signals about ill-being, makes it clear that it needs other components. It should be listened to. Hence, a diverse diet is physiologically appropriate.

There is a point of view that nutrition should be diverse, but split. That is, only one product should be consumed in one food intake. There is even a physiological basis: carbohydrates begin to be digested already in the mouth – in an alkaline environment, proteins in the stomach – in an acidic environment. Fat delays evacuation of food from the stomach.

However, there is another point of view. The maximum variety of food containing the optimal ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is most favorable condition for function of all enzymes of pancreatic juice. Enzymes should not remain without work.

*Ideally, food should vary both during the week and during the day. Much depends on the season, on real opportunities. However, it is necessary to strive for the maximum diversity.

Finally, the third principle is to observe the correct physiological diet. It should be 3-4 time meals. Breakfast should make one-third of the total daily calorie intake, slightly more than a third – for lunch and less than a third – for dinner. After all, energy expenditures are usually small after a working day. A glass of kefir before bed is recommended.

Remember that any, especially a systematic deviation from the principles of rational nutrition may cause a significant harm to health. Thus, nutrition is the basis of life. Rational food is a guarantee of health, vivacity, long and fruitful life, a guarantee against occurrence of a variety of diseases.